The vision of H-Squared Health Resources and H² Homecare is to partner with and educate the community to promote optimum wellness, and to assist individuals and their families by utilizing superior homecare services, when needed.  Our belief is that every person in the community is as important as the next and no population should remain underserved. Each individual should benefit from excellent healthcare and service throughout their lifespan.


It is the mission of H-Squared Health Resources and H-Squared (H²)  Homecare to promote optimum wellness and healthcare education throughout the community and to provide the best homecare services available utilizing the most qualified staff members to assist our clients/patients to reach their physical, spiritual, and healthcare goals.  


We believe that the patient/client is the most important element of H² Homecare/H-Squared Health Resources and that it is our responsibility to provide superior care to facilitate optimum health.  It is the philosophy of H² Homecare that a person recovers best in the comfort of their own home; therefore, the family is an integral piece in the health and recovery of the patient/client. A close personal interaction between the family, patient, and nurse must be formed to facilitate the best environment for optimum health. In order to function adequately within this philosophy, nursing personnel must possess every tool available and be skillful in the use of the nursing process and supportive of each client's physical, mental, and spiritual health. This often requires consultation with families, physician, and other para-professionals. The goal is not only to restore health and rehabilitate, but also to prevent further illness and promote better health practices throughout the lifespan. No person shall be refused service because of age, race, color, sex, sexual preference, or national origin.

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